Zehn Menschen - verschiedenen Alters, Herkunft und Geschlecht stehen nebeneinander und geben sich die Hand.

Child Poverty

Strong Parents - Strong Children


Currently 1 out of 5 children living in the EU is at-risk-of-poverty- but poor children do not simply appear out of nowhere! They are born into a life of hardship- being raised in underprivileged families, where there is often little awareness for the importance of education and proper job training. These children might therefore grow into young adults, having low levels of educational achievement that will put them at a major disadvantage in the labour market. The vicious circle of poverty thus continues. But how can this self-enforcing interplay between poor adults and their poor children, growing into poor adults themselves, be halted? One of the answers to this question we believe lies in promoting parental education for those living in poverty, so that parents can be assisted in the child-rearing process. To find out more about this project please consult one of the subsections listed in the navigation below.