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About Grundtvig

The Grundtvig Programme

The Grundtvig programme is part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme and was launched in 2000. It focuses on the teaching and study needs of learners taking adult education and ‘alternative’ education courses, as well as the organisations delivering these services. It aims to provide adults with more ways to improve their knowledge and skills facilitate their personal development and boost their employment prospects.

It covers not only teachers, trainers, staff and organisations working in the sector, but also learners in adult education. These include relevant associations, counselling organisations, information services, policy-making bodies and others such as NGOs, enterprises, voluntary groups and research centres.

The programme funds a range of activities, including particularly those supporting adult learning staff to travel abroad for learning experiences, through exchanges and various other professional experiences. Other larger scale initiatives involve, for instance, networking and partnerships between organisations in different countries.

National Agencies

Listed below are the national agencies of project member-countries, which are associated with the Grundtvig Programme


Germany:                     Nationale Agentur Bildung für Europa beim BIBB



Austria:                        Nationalagentur Lebenslanges Lernen (OeAD GmbH)



Romania:                     Agentia Nationala pentru Programe Comunitare in Domenial Educatiei si Formarii Profesionale



Italy:                            Agenzia Nazionale LLP Italia



United Kingdom:          Grundtvig National Agency, Ecotec-Research & Consulting



Lithuania:                     Švietimo mainų paramos fondas



Spain:                          Organismo Autónomo Programas Educativos Europeos