Zehn Menschen - verschiedenen Alters, Herkunft und Geschlecht stehen nebeneinander und geben sich die Hand.



Diözesan-Caritasverband für das Erzbistum Köln e.V.

assumes the coordination and project management of this Gundtvig Learning Partnership. The Diocesan Caritas Association of the Archdiocese of Cologne is an umbrella association, which has approximately 300 members. It supports people in need of help and those that are socially disadvantaged. It operates on basis of the concept "help for self-help”, assisting people in actively taking part in changing their situation.



Caritas der Diözese Linz

Caritas Linz is a catholic related regional service organisation which works in the field of elderly care, care of people with special needs, disabled people, children and youth. It is also engaged in the education and counselling of parent and families, who are socially disadvantaged and affected by poverty.



Caritas Alba Iulia din Arhidioceza Romano Catolica Alba Iulia

Cartias Alba Iulia’s mission is to promote charity and social justice. Its objectives are the promotion of new concepts and orientation in social policy, reintegration of the poor and helpless into a society without any discrimination. It cooperates with a great number of institutions and organizations and also operates in other countries.



Caritas diocesana di Trieste

Caritas Trieste is an organisation working in the social field with particular interest to poverty and social inclusion. Among other things it delivers education, orientation and counselling in centres for families and parents in need, psycho-social consultancy, refectory, houses for homeless, mothers with children or people in need.



Partnership in Social and Community Enterprise in Sport, Schools, Skills for Life and Social care in the West Midlands- Community Interests Company

Pisceswm is dedicated to brokering partnerships amongst all sectors of community organization to address issues of social exclusion and poverty. It has developed a number of special programs and concepts and has a special focus on people i.e. being over 50, having long-term health problems or physical/mental impairments.



Lietuvos Caritas

Caritas Lithuania is a non-governmental religious organisation. Its main areas of activities are family and children, help for the people from risk groups, social care and nursing. Caritas Lithuania’s activities are mainly based on the practical help and training of the people from disadvantaged groups.



Cáritas Diocesana de Bilbao

Caritas Bilbao is a religious organisation active in the field of social welfare working with families, children, elderly people, homeless people, drug-addicts and migrants. It also offers legal and psychological services to those in need.